Friday, March 9, 2012

Sophia Turns One!

Wow, so many of my tiny babies from last year turning 1 already! Baby Sophia just turned 1 and I had the honor of photographing her on her very big day! We did a pre-party session and I just let her do her thing :) She was a happy little girl that day! We got a bunch of great shots with lots of color. The birthday theme was owls and the owl on the cake was gorgeous! Mom and Dad took my advice from the last first birthday party I shot and got a pool full of colored balls. Once again, it was amazingly entertaining to the babies!  Sophia is baby Ava's cousin, who you have seen several times on my blog over the last 9 months.  They were born 3 months apart and it has been so fun watching them grow up at the same time.  The girls had a great time together at the party, especially in the pool of balls! Then it was on to an owl cupcake for Sophia :) She preferred the fondant eyeballs the best-haha! All in all it was a great day and I had so much fun photographing Sopia and her family. Enjoy some of my faves from the day. 

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