Monday, July 20, 2009

Max's 5 Month Session

I had the pleasure of shooting with new clients Ale, Brian, Max and Ben last week for Max's 5 month photos. We had so much fun! Max is an easy going baby and he kept us smiling throughout the session. Big brother Ben came in at the end of the session from day care, which worked out perfectly (for anyone who is attempting the same style of session with a toddler and an infant), giving us time with Max and time with Ben and Max. Ben is an adorable, very loving big brother. He LOVES baby Max and was so excited to get home to see him, it was super cute to watch. We ended the session in the grass outside and managed to grab a few shots before the rain came, but the last shot below was taken after it had started to rain and its probably my favorite from the session. Thanks to Ale and Brian for being such good parents and for all of your help during the session. Ale made tireless efforts to keep Max and Ben entertained and it paid off :) Enjoy some of my faves below!

Ryder's 1st Birthday

I shot with one of my favorite families a few weeks ago for Ryder's 1st Birthday Party! It was a hot summer day filled with friends, family and fun. Ryder may have been a little overwhelmed by all the excitement in his honor, but he endured and managed to look super cute while doing it! Although, the cake was the last straw! I always love seeing how they react to their very 1st cake :) Ryder wasn't too sure about it, as you'll see in the cake series below, definitely a mixed reaction! Thanks for sharing this special day with me, I enjoyed it very much. Check out some of my faves below.
Definitely one of my favorites!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Courtney & Bill's Wedding

You may remember me posting Courtney and Bill's engagement session back in April. I had the pleasure of shooting their wedding at the end of May at TPC Sawgrass. Courtney had a fabulous wedding planner, Angela Renick of A'vie Weddings and Events. She was super organized and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her! TPC is a gorgeous location for a wedding. Lots of great photo opportunities and good lighting, which you know I enjoy! Courtney and Bill are so cute together, I love spending time with them. Bill is from New Jersey, as was most of the groomsmen and they were a hilarious group. You'll find some pretty funny pics below of the best man stripping down to his wrestling suit to take on the groom at the end of his toast. It was easily the funniest toast I've ever seen! We got a ton of great photos on the big day, but these are some of my faves. Enjoy! And congratulations to one of my favorite couples! Thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderful event. I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

I couldn't decide which one of these was prettier of this stunning bride, so I posted both! Courtney looks so beautiful when she laughs.

What a gorgeous lady! BEAUTIFUL!

One of the things I love about Courtney and Bill is that they laugh, A LOT! After they poured their sand (see bottom left pic above), Courthey said "I beat you!". It got a lot of laughs, she's pretty competitive by nature.

The next two picture pairs below were taken by my assistant, Kathryn. Great shots, Kat!

I asked them if they were willing to jump into the air to be silly and they totally were, I LOVE THIS SHOT! Look how high Courtney got!

The father daughter dance was touching to watch, you could tell they were soaking it in for the moment it really was.

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