Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Max's 1st Birthday!

You might remember little Max from his 5 month session last summer, he just turned 1!! I had the privelege of shooting his first birthday party recently. First birthday parties are so fun to shoot. The kids are running every which way, having a ball and you never know what kind of reaction you're going to get from the cake. Max was competely unsure about it, and in the end wanted nothing to do with it, a typical reaction from many first-timers :) He did share a cupcake with dad later, so he's definitely not opposed to sugar! He rather enjoyed that cupcake with green icing and wore most of it on his shirt! Thank you guys for inviting me to share in this fun and festive event with your family, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kyle & Joanna's Wedding

I have a lot of blog updating to do since the holidays, but I'd like to start off with Kyle & Joanna's wedding. What a beautiful couple! I shot their event in early January in West Palm Beach, FL. The venue was the Philips Point Club, where I worked with fabulous wedding coordinator, Emily Marrah. She couldn't have been more pleasant to work with! Decor at the club was contemporary and elegant with stunning floor to ceiling windows lining the walls providing fabulous night views from every angle. You never expect West Palm to get very chilly, but their event took place over a weekend experiencing a major cold front bringing temps down into the 20's-30's. Let me tell you, we were all FREEZING! But, the bride was especially cold, and she put on a brave face in her gorgeous strapless dress all day long! We made some beautiful images that day, not that it was difficult with these two :) Please enjoy some of my favorites from the day, it was tough narrowing it down. Thanks to Kyle, Joanna, wedding party and family for all sticking it out in the freezing temps! I thoroughly enjoyed shooting your event and being a part of this special day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crysler Family Session

I shot with the Crysler family for the first time in December. What a gorgeous, fun little family! We went down to the pond and let the kids run around and do their own thing and I had a blast! Hudson and Sutton James are the most personable little ones I think I've ever met. Hudson and I were best buds by the end AND I got hugs and kisses! We brought toys and bubbles and just let them have fun. Sutton got a little cranky, but he had missed his nap, so it was bound to happen :) Casey and Brandon are awesome parents and I just had the best time with you guys that afternoon, so thanks for sharing your lives and your children with me. Enjoy some of my faves from the session.

Grace's Newborn Session

Baby Grace was born to Russ and Erin Lindsay, who is another sorority sister of mine, in October, so she was a little older than newborn when we shot her session. She is a precious baby girl. Newborns are funny, you never know what you're going to get. Grace was not having an easy time of things on the morning we shot this session, so there were lots of feeding breaks and Erin struggled to get her to sleep so we could get at least a few of her sleeping. She gave in and took a few little cat naps for us, which brought about some sweet, peaceful images. Despite the bumps in the road, I had a wonderful time with the family that day and it was my first time meeting Grace, which is always exciting. Enjoy some of my faves from the day!

Finley's Newborn Session

I did another combined newborn/holiday session with the Briggs family. Baby Finley has huge, gorgeous eyes!!! They are amazing! Her big brother Cullen has the same ones :) Beautiful children! It is always tough to juggle a two year old and a newborn during a photo session, but Cullen went down for a nap and we had some time with baby Finley. She stayed awake for a good part of the session, then finally went down for a good long snooze. We did some holiday themed images with a hand knitted Santa hat, which ended up being the star photo of their holiday card. I had so much fun with you guys, thanks for inviting me into your home and lives for the afternoon.

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