Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Courtney & Bill's Engagement Session

I shot Courtney and Bill's engagement session over the weekend here in Ocala. Their wedding is coming up at the end of May. Courtney is from Ocala, Bill from New Jersey. Courtney told me that Bill is a big fan of the Ocala mossy oaks, so we did part of their session surrounded by trees. Courtney and Bill are a gorgeous couple, Bill is so sweet with her. He's very tall and she's very tiny and he just swallows her up in his arms. They have great chemistry. I can't wait to shoot the wedding! Thanks for being such good sports during the shoot, you guys. Here are some of my many faves from the session.

I loved this series, Bill said something shocking to Courtney that made them both laugh out loud, I wonder what it was....................

Kenzie Eyewear Shoot

I shot an eyewear campaign recently for the Kenzie eyewear line by Parris Optics, the newest line of eyewear designed by Lange Eye Care. I had the two Lange sisters as my models, Brittany, the gorgeous brunette, and Mackenzie, the adorable blond baby girl. Modeling eyewear wasn't high on the list of priorities for three year old Mackenzie, but we managed to get a few cute shots of her! Enjoy some of my favorites from the session below.

How funny is this little goofball?!

This is the last image I shot, Mackenzie was climbing on my ladder and I snapped this shot of her, it might be my favorite from the day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rodger & Cate's Engagement Session

I did an engagement session with Rodger and Cate in Cedar Key, FL last Sunday. We had gorgeous weather, despite the crazy winds that were whipping around and the challenge of keeping Cate's hair from smothering her face! We had a great time hopping from spot to spot enjoying the sun and sea. We ended the session with a perfect West coast sunset over the water. Thanks for braving the winds and being so natural together in front of the camera. A few of my favorites below.

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